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Live-in Homecare

Benefits of Home Care

Thanks to medical innovations life expectancy is getting better and better. It is very important however that quality of life is extended along with longer life spans.

These days, homecare is rapidly becoming the preferred solution to nursing home care. Given the choice, most elderly people would prefer to live out their golden years in the comfort of their own homes. Moving an elderly person into a nursing home presents many challenges and can place huge financial and emotional strain on a family.

Thankfully there are experienced and dedicated homecare carers available. An elderly person no longer has to move to a nursing home even when they have reduced capability for independent living. A live-in carer can transform the life of an elderly person. These carers not only provide personal care (assistance going to the toilet and/or nappy changing etc) and administration of medications but also general housekeeping tasks such as preparing meals, washing clothes, keeping the house clean and tidy as well as shopping and running various errands (posting letters etc).

For the elderly person who prefers to remain in their own home, a live-in carer is the most cost-effective solution. Our live-in care service starts from only 460 euro per week and you can claim up to 40% tax relief on this cost.

Modern family life is very busy. Children of elderly parents often feel guilty that they can’t care for their elderly parents themselves. Faced with the choice between their own career and caring for their relative themselves, it is understandable and practical to get outside assistance in the form of a live-in carer. This way, the children of elderly parents can continue on with their careers in the safe knowledge that their parents are being well cared for in their own homes. Homecare gives your family an affordable solution that brings benefits not only to the elderly person being cared for but the entire family in the form of a great sense of peace of mind and the satisfaction of knowing that you are doing your best for your elderly parent(s).

Four Benefits of Live-in Home Care:


1. Professional care

Our live-in carers are professionals. Caring for the elderly is their career of choice. They have the experience to care for your relative to a very high standard. Therefore you can have the confidence to entrust your relative’s care to our carers. We carefully match each carer with our clients according to each client’s specific needs. All our carers are carefully vetted.


2. Continue to live life to the full

A live-in carer will enable your relative to continue to enjoy their life to the full. They will prepare meals, do house-keeping and shopping as well as wash clothes. Your carer can also accompany your relative to the shops, to church or any other social activities they wish to attend. If you want a carer to drive your relative, we can arrange a carer to do this as well.


3. Someone to talk to

Our carers provide companionship for your relative and are there to talk and listen to your relative. This can have a wonderfully positive effect on the overall health and well-being of your relative. Loneliness is often associated with the elderly. But thanks to our live-in carers, your relative will have a new friend in their lives.


4. Helps you get balance back into your own life

Taking care of an elderly relative can put huge demands on your time. Having a live-in carer frees up your time and allows you to continue with your career and other family commitments. A live-in carer will enable you to achieve a healthy balance in your life. And when you do spend time with your elderly relative it is quality time that you both cherish and enjoy.

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