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Live-in Homecare

Choosing Homecare in 2015

Do you have a plan in place to meet your elderly relative’s care needs in 2015 and beyond?

We at ALHomecare have an excellent solution for your elderly relative’s care needs.

Our live-in carers are friendly, dedicated and a lot more affordable than the other care options: nursing homes and visiting carers.

Look at the table below and you will quickly see that ALH live-in care is the best option for elderly care:

Care Essentials

ALH Live-in Carer Visiting Carers

Nursing Home

Can your relative continue to enjoy living in their own home?




Has your relative a dedicated carer for them and them alone?


No, the carer would be responsible for many different clients


Is there someone there at night time in case any need arises?


 Usually not


Can you avail of up to 41% tax relief on the cost of the care provided?



No, only 20% tax relief

Are you able to state your preferences about who the carer should be and are you involved in the process of selecting that carer?


No, usually you don’t have any choice about who the carer is


Is this a nationwide service?


Depends on your location Depends on your location
 What is the cost?   From 1,100 euro per month*  From 3,300 euro per month*  From 4,000 euro per month**


*Based on 35 hours of work per week over 4.3 weeks in an average month. Note: These are the costs before you claim tax relief.

If you want your ALH live-in carer to work more than 35 hours per week, that’s no problem.

The overtime rate is from 8.65 euro per hour.

Remember: You can apply for tax relief on carer costs on the highest tax rate that you pay (i.e. up to 41%). This could substantially reduce your live-in carer costs.

**Nursing home care

Call Mary today on 087 9916791 and she will be very happy to discuss your needs.

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