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Elderly Care….Making the homecare decision

Choosing the right care option for your elderly relative is a very important decision. Making that decision isn’t made any easier when you are also probably feeling distressed and worried about your relative’s health and well-being. When an elderly relative’s care needs are outside the scope of what the family can provide/cope with themselves, availing of professional help is the right choice.

Professional care can be a nursing home, a visiting carer or a live-in carer. Nursing home care has traditionally been the “solution” but thankfully nowadays you have other options to choose from: visiting carers from a private care agency or a live-in carer.

Our organisation, ALHomecare is proud to be a dedicated live-in carer provider. We believe that live-in care is the best care option. Not only can your relative continue to live in their own home but they  also benefit from the dedicated care of their own, full-time carer who cares for them and only them.

Our live-in carer will be your relative’s companion and friend and will ensure that your relative is comfortable, safe and well cared for. Our carers do all the day-to-day household chores (cooking, cleaning, washing etc) as well as providing personal care. Our carers all have caring experience and are carefully selected by us to ensure they give your relative the high standard of dedicated care your relative deserves.

Our care service is a lot more cost effective than nursing homes and visiting carers. When you think about it, live-in care really is the most practical and appropriate form of elderly care. Your relative will benefit from having that one special person who is there for them day in day out. And when your relative goes to bed and wakes up in the morning they have the reassurance that their carer is right there in their home with them.

So why not call to us today. Mary Quinlan is our client adviser. Her number is 0879916791.

Find out more about us by reading through our website www.alhomecare.ie

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