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Live-in Homecare

Getting the Right Care for Your Elderly Relative

Caring for an elderly relative can be overwhelming. If you have a relative who suddenly becomes very ill, this can consume a huge amount of your time, energy and financial resources as well as leaving you feeling emotionally drained. We regularly get calls from family members who are worn out and stressed out. 

We are here to help you. Our service can bring balance and perspective back into your life and for a cost much less than you think. When you call nursing homes and visiting carer agencies you will be surprised by how expensive elderly care can be. But there is another way…..Affordable Live-in Homecare.

All our carers are live-in. This means they are living with your relative. They do their work schedule (as outlined by you) but because they are live-in you will benefit from their presence in your relative’s home during those hours when they are not working i.e. those times when they are merely present in the house. For example, if your relative doesn’t get up at night then the carer’s presence in your relative’s house at night doesn’t cost you anything. This is a huge advantage of live-in care. There is no on-call charge. And if your relative does get up at night time, you just pay the carer for those times when she does have to get up to attend to your relative’s needs.

A one-to-one relationship. We match each carer to each elderly person’s specific needs. This means your relative not only has a carer but a new friend who cares for them and them alone. This will give your relative and your whole family a huge amount of peace of mind. Visiting carers come and go according to the agency’s roster. This is not conducive to building a strong relationship. Our live-in carers are there and can help your relative, as and when they are needed and are not restricted according to an agency’s roster.

Affordable care that delivers quality and reassurance. Our service starts from 460 euro per week for 35 hours per week care. And if you want the carer to work more than 35 hours per week, then overtime can easily be arranged. We can even place two carers with your relative if you think this level of care is needed. Generally, one carer doing 35 to 45 hours per week is sufficient to provide the necessary care (in conjunction with family/HSE care). And you can claim tax relief of up to 40% on the cost of your carer if your relative is incapacitated (i.e. they are unable to care for themselves). All our carers are carefully checked by and we offer a 3 week guarantee period at the start of every placement. If you are not happy with the carer we will either replace the carer or refund the placement fee.

Call us today and we will be glad to help you care for your relative in a way that delivers quality care and value.

Mary is our relationship manager and her number is 0879916791. You can also call Tom on 0877440729 (evenings and weekends).


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