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Live-in Homecare

Half the Price and Twice as Good

Nursing home care is very expensive. Private visiting care agencies regularly charge 25 euro per hour….or more. For most people, these costs are excessive and unrealistic, except in the very short term. But what if your relative needs ongoing professional care? Do you quit your job and care for your relative yourself or do you find someone to provide the care for you?

We at ALHomecare understand your dilemma. That’s why we provide our very valuable service. We provide live-carers at a cost that families can afford. All our carers are carefully vetted by us and we take great care to ensure the carer we offer you meets your specific needs.

Because our carers are live-in you gain a number of benefits that our competitors can’t offer:

  1. The carer is there at night time to ensure your relative is comfortable and safe
  2. The carer is on hand should any unexpected need arise
  3. The carer is not tied to any rigid timetable or schedule

Our carers normally work 35 to 45 hours per week and this (along with family and/or HSE support) is sufficient to ensure the elderly person is well cared for.

Staying in their own home is the greatest pleasure and comfort for any elderly person. Everyday, our carers are enabling elderly people throughout Ireland to continue on living in their own homes.

We are glad to be providing a service that not only costs sigificantly less than nursing home care and visiting carer services, but to know that our clients are getting the best in individual care and attention.

Phone Mary on 0879916791 (daytime) or Tom on 0877440729 (evenings and weekends) and we will be glad to talk to you about your specific requirements.

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