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Live-in Homecare

Home Care Versus Nursing Home Care

Making the right decision about the care of your elderly relative is very important. There are two main options: professional home care or nursing home care.  This is the dilemma that nearly every family has to face at some stage when they are considering how best to care for an elderly relative.  Often it takes a sudden deterioration in a relative’s health to bring this decision into sharp focus.

In most cases, this decision is made necessary when an elderly relative is admitted to hospital. As the discharge date draws close, the family is under great pressure to make a very important decision. The hospital may advise that professional care is necessary and will suggest the usual alternatives: a nursing home or a visiting carer from a private care agency.

This situation can arouse great emotion in a family. Children naturally want to “do right” by their parents. They want their parents to have the best care possible. When considering nursing home care, a family can feel very conflicted. On the one hand the care of their elderly relative is too much for the family to handle themselves but on the other hand the family wants so much for their relative to continue to live in their own home for a long as possible.

Then the family considers the homecare options. There are a lot of private agencies offering visiting carers who the family pay the agency an hourly fee. This is the main alternative to nursing home care. The advantages are that your relative can be cared for in their own home. Also the tax relief available on home care is 40% while for nursing home care, it is capped at 20%. This is an important financial incentive in favour of homecare.

We at ALHomecare are proud to offer the best of both worlds:

Our live-in care service brings several unique advantages that the usual alternatives (nursing homes and visiting care agencies) cannot match:

  1. Your relative has a dedicated carer selected specifically for their care needs.
  2. Your relative continues to enjoy the comfort of their own home and has the added re-assurance of having a professional carer living with them.
  3. The fact that all our carers are live-in means that there is someone with your relative at night time, should any need arise.
  4. And our service starts from just 440 euro per week for 35 hours of high quality care. Each additional hour will only cost from 12.58 euro per hour.

For further information and to order our application form, please call us today on 0879916791.

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