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Renata Andruszkiewicz


…..care of the elderly is something I feel strongly about. I like to be helpful and be a companion in everyday life to an elderly person…..

My name is Renata Andruszkiewicz and I have been working as a carer for the elderly for more than 7 years. I chose this profession because care of the elderly is something I feel strongly about. I like to be helpful and be a companion in everyday life to an elderly person who needs such help.

My job is to spend time helping with household duties such as preparing meals, going for walks, making conversation as well as personal care.

I chose a job in Ireland because I like Ireland and its people have a positive attitude to life.

Cooperation with ALH gave me the opportunity to work in Ireland and a sense of security and stability in my work. I appreciate this very much.



Agata Pączek


…Their smiles and thanks are priceless for me and gives me great satisfaction with the work done…..

I came to Ireland a few years ago with my friend for a holiday. I was planning to look for a temporary job for two months because I was able to take unpaid leave from my work back in Poland. So I packed one suitcase for my holiday not realising that an Irish summer is very different to a Polish summer!

I picked up English quickly and adapted to the new culture. I found a well-paid job and decided to stay longer than the previously planned two months. I already had experience working as a carer. When a friend asked me to provide holiday cover as a carer I was happy to do that. I took care of a disabled person in a wheelchair. Brian (the client) was an amazing person and I got a lot satisfaction as well as learning humility and detachment from life’s selfish cares.

I did a professional course for work as a carer and last year I started to look seriously for a job as a carer and quite by accident I found ALH’s webpage. The site gave a phone number and so began my story with ALH. I thought it would be best to call before sending my resume and ask directly about job opportunities. Mary answered the phone. She was friendly and I was able to get to know her personally later. She asked me to send a CV and said that she would put me in contact with the Polish person of ALH. After a short time, this Polish lady contacted me and from then on things went pretty fast and at the same professionally and reliably.

Among offers I received, my attention focused on two brothers- twins with mild disabilities. When I saw them in the photo my intuition told me that this job is for me. I have been working with them for some time now and I am very happy. I must admit that one thing worried me….Would they like my cooking? I was very glad that they found my cooking very tasty. Their smiles and thanks are priceless for me and gives me great satisfaction with the work done.

I remember when I came to Ireland, what caught my attention was that the people on the streets, as they pass next to you smile and are more likely to say “Hi, hello” to strangers than people do in Poland. This was a strange feeling at first, but isn’t it strange how a friendly ”Hello” from a passing stranger can immediately improve your mood for the rest of the day?

Thanks for everything! – Agata

Grażyna Krawczyńska


…..My client is a person after hip surgery. She is very cheerful, friendly and talkative……

Seeking work, I looked through advertisements on the Internet. What caught my attention was the carer job advertised by ALH in Ireland. I called the phone number listed and talked with a very nice person, who explained to me the working conditions and dispelled my fears. I went through the process of recruitment and I took this position. I’ve been here for about 3 months. Previously, I performed various jobs (in health and medicine), and I admit that I have never yet had such a pleasant and rewarding job. With two days off a week, I use them to explore the interesting places in my part of Ireland. My client is a person after hip surgery. She is very cheerful, friendly and talkative. This greatly helped me to improve my English.

I would like to work for ALH for as long as possible, because you can count on them.

Greetings to all

Beata Dynaburska

carer4…love and respect for the elderly and the sick gives me the strength to work every day….

My name is Beata Dynaburska. I have been in Ireland for five years. I came here for the sake of my children. In Poland, I was a single mother with 3 children. When my son graduated from high school, I could not afford to keep him in college so 10 years ago my son went to Dublin and a year later my eldest daughter came here too. I stayed in Poland with my youngest child. For several years my children have worked here and have gone to college. By their own efforts they have gained their own higher education and I am very proud of them. In the meantime, my workplace closed down and I unfortunately could not find work anywhere.

During this time, my dad became ill with colon cancer. I did everything in my power to help him. I looked after him for 10 months non-stop in the hospital at first and then at home until the end, in the Hospice. Dad died in January 2010. At that point I came to Ireland with my youngest daughter and so began our adventure in this country. At the beginning I worked for employment agencies, it was hard physical work. Later I got a contract in printing and this work greatly improved my English. We missed Poland greatly. Half of my heart for several years lived in Ireland and the other half in Poland.

My dream has always been to help people who are vulnerable and lonely. All the time I looked around for the kind of work in which you can make the most of yourself to give to another person who needs it. However, I did not have the necessary education in this field. I was thinking about completing a special course, but it was too expensive for me. One December day, after work, I began to once again view the page with the jobs and found a job opening for a carer. Without much hesitation I wrote an email and on the same day I spoke to a great person, Katarzyna from ALH agency. We talked for a long time, Katarzyna had a lot of questions for me, and I for her. She explained everything thoroughly, The entire recruitment process went very smoothly. ALH Agency found me a very nice elderly lady.

Shortly after Christmas I had a meeting with the family of my client. Everyone was very nice and accepted me as a carer of their mother. From January 2nd this year, I have been living and working with her in her home. Very quickly we became friends. I help her in everything, and she repays me with smiles and friendship. The smile on her face is the best reward for me, I feel appreciated, needed and fulfilled in my work. With the help of ALH Agency, I work and do an e-course of “professional medical carer at the same time, at a very affordable price.

The work of the caregiver is not easy. Clients have many needs and sometimes have mental health problems. But when one has the heart to do this work, every person can find the way. The guiding thought for a long time in my life is a quote from Father. J. Twardowski: “Let us hurry to LOVE PEOPLE: they disappear so quickly” – love and respect for the elderly and the sick gives me the strength to work every day.


Agnieszka Wysocka


….she greets me every morning with a smile on her face and that’s what gives me the strength to help her and to be here whenever needed…

At a certain moment, my life was “suspended” … not going forwards and
backwards. I had exhausted all possibilities except for one, returning to my old
profession after 23 years to be a nurse.

I finished an internship in Poland and I had the option of staying on after it had
finished but the wages in Poland are not descent enough to support myself and my
family. Nurses earn a very low wage in Poland. The solution was to move to Ireland,
probably Dublin, Here I could support my family back home in Poland.

Katarzyna from ALH showed great professionalism in all that she was doing. She
was with me every step of the way with support and advice. She simply “was there”
for me which I will be eternally grateful to her.

Everything went smoothly, and thus before the end of the year I started working for
my client. The lady I take care of is of elderly and has related ailments but she
greets me every morning with a smile on her face and that’s what gives me the
strength to help her and to be here whenever needed, even though sometimes it’s
hard. The smile rewards any inconvenience of this work. We laugh often and we are
nice, polite and respectful of each other, because that is what “understanding”



Hanna Kiezik


…..In my free time I like to explore and learn about the culture of this country. Irish people are nice, very accommodating…..

I always wanted to see with my own eyes, the Emerald Isle…the country of the Celts with beguilingly beautiful music. So it was a good decision that I sent my resume to ALH. The staff at ALH gave me many valuable tips and general advice on working and living in Ireland. All my questions were answered with great consideration which was very important, especially when you are working in a foreign country with only a working knowledge of English. Working with older people gives me a lot of satisfaction. Here in Ireland I take care of a very aged gentleman, who despite his advanced age is doing very well which amazes me constantly. Thankfully he is quite healthy in mind and body.

In my free time I like to explore and learn about the culture of this country. Irish people are nice, very accommodating, tolerant and every week I go for sightseeing expeditions in places near and far. In this way I have come to explore many beautiful places including Kinsale and Blarney. I hope that I have acquired the gift of eloquence by kissing the Blarney stone! I also visit Cork city very often. I am glad that I live and work in Ireland because I can combine my work with the pleasure of traveling. My philosophy for life: work hard, have fun.
I chose a job in Ireland because I like Ireland and its people have a positive attitude to life.

Thank you ALH and in particular Kasia and Tom.


Angelika Peć


…..I am delighted with my experience with this family because they treat me like a member of their family….

We all reach a point in our lives when we ask ourselves: What next ? What are my plans for the future? The first idea that came to my mind was that I wanted to come to Ireland. I was here a few years ago on holidays and I saw that this country is beautiful, with picturesque views and a completely different culture of people. Irish people are very open and often smiling.
I decided to come to Dublin in search for a better life. I started to view job postings and came across a very interesting ad for a job as an carer of elderly people. It really made me intrigued, especially because I had experience of this wonderful profession years ago and it give me so much satisfaction to help elderly people. It also gave me a sense of humility and joy.
I looked after my own grandmother for four years. She suffered from dementia along with several other diseases. I helped her with daily activities related to personal hygiene, nutrition, medication, walks and elements of relaxation and rehabilitation. I carried out all these activities in a professional manner so as to ensure safety and a better high quality of life for my grandmother.

The recruitment process went very quickly. I received a number of proposals from families. The most attractive was from a family in Dublin. I am delighted with my experience with this family because they treat me like a member of their family. I have developed a great affection for them. My client is a wonderful person: warm, friendly and full of charisma. It gives me great satisfaction when my client smiles and the kind way she greets me when I come to help her everyday.

I have learned and improved my skills as a carer and I get a great amount of satisfaction knowing that I am doing a good job caring for my client.

Thank you very much for ALH because they support me in my work in terms of both the theory and practice of elderly care. I have the opportunity to continue my learning by participating in a professional course in my free time.



Alicja Kowalska


…..I like this experience of observing real life in Ireland, seeing how people live here everyday….

I didn’t take my decision to come to Ireland lightly. I had to give up my job in Poland. I thought about my the skills and characteristics I would need to be a good carer for the elderly. I felt that I had the right mix of skills and characterisitcs to be a good carer. There were many advertisements for jobs as a carer but amongst all of these one interesting advertisement caught my eye: working as a carer in Ireland with the agency ALHomecare.

I made contact by e-mail and then a little later by phone with Katarzyna. Katarzyna is a competent and factual person, and at all times friendly and warm. Katarzyna thoroughly and patiently explained to me what the work would involve and what requirements I must meet.

I received all the necessary documentation from Katarzyna about working in Ireland as a carer. Everything was clear and straightforward. This gave me the confidence to entrust my future career with the Agency ALHomecare.

Working as a carer in Ireland began for me in mid-September 2015 in Dublin. The first few weeks, caring for the lady with dementia, confirmed to me that I had made the right choice. My current client, 86-year-old man, lives in the countryside. I must admit that I was nervous at first about taking on this placement because it was in the countryside. However, now that I have spent seven months living and working on the coast of County Cork, I feel that I make the right decision and I thank Katarzyna for recommending this placement to me.

My current client has a large family that often visit him. I like this experience of observing real life in Ireland, seeing how people live here everyday. I can see how family relationships work between generations. I see kindness, friendship, openness and a willingness to help not only the family members but also the local community. I, a foreigner, was greeted with curiosity but I was made very welcome. My client is very outgoing, sociable and talkative. Thanks to him and contacts with family, my English has improved significantly. In the days off I have trips to Cork. However, living in the countryside with the sea nearby brings many benefits to this placement. I see how generations of families lives in this place. I also have the opportunity to watch up close the work in the countryside, as the seasons change, for example, Isaw baby lambs for the first time! I can take long walks on the beaches as well as on the cliffs and around the bays in my area. I appreciate the charms of evergreen and thriving nature of the Irish countryside. I appreciate the ability to breathe fresh coastal air and see exceptionally charming places.

Every day is a new experience, of course, related to the care of an older person. Developing my skills all the time. Daily chores are not an obstacle in raising my professional qualifications. I graduated from a course organized by the Agency Alhomecare. Thanks to this I have theoretical knowledge for the challenges I confront in practice – taking care of an older person. It is very important for further work because I have a certificate and this mkes me feel confident. I am happy with my work choice because every day I see how big a difference y work makes. I am helpful to my ward and in return I receive so much gratitude and a great sense of satisfaction I feel better in my life thanks to this work and I am glad about how how my life has changed. Over the next years of work I certainly would like to continue to cooperate with the Agency ALHomecare in the area of caring for the elderly.



Renata Jelaszak


…I learned a lot by working with ALH…

A few words about my work in Ireland through ALH. I have just finished my adventure in Ireland, working as a carer of the elderly. But I’m going to come back to Ireland soon and the profession of caring…and of course with ALH. I had the privilege of working with Katarzyna Jakubowska ALH Training and Support Manager and Tom Quinlan – Manager of ALH in Ireland. Katarzyna has demonstrated both strategic thinking and sensitivity and kindness, incredible knowledge and feel for the industry and awareness of this profession. Support from Tom Quinlan was also invaluable.

I learned a lot by working with ALH. Caring was not always my profession and through ALH I gained new professional opportunities, a new profession, I improved my English, came to know Ireland and the Irish people. And for one of the few times in my life, the salary was fair for the work I did. I wish the whole team – Ms. Kasia, Tom, Mrs. Mary and the entire crew all the best privately and professionally!



Małgorzata Skowrońska


…My experience in this particular co-operation throughout this period of my work in Ireland is very positive…

Hello. My name is Margaret, and I have already worked more than a year with ALH as a carer in Ireland. First, I worked in ​​Limerick and then eight months in Cork. I enjoy the work as a carer for the elderly, as well as cooperation with the team of ALH. My experience of this co-operation throughout this period has been very positive. I received a lot of support, whether in advice, whether in solving various problems that always pop up when living outside your homeland. I always could and can count on ALH’s professional and friendly help. I know that I am not alone, because the staff of ALH understand the job I do.

As for my English, I could already speak English before I came to Ireland. Also 10 years ago I came here for the first time but I returned only now. I like this country, it’s so…green, but also the people are nice, smiling and polite. The weather is very interesting. Wind constantly blowing brings clouds from the Atlantic and alternately during the day it’s raining and the sun is shining. You can dry the laundry in the wind and the sun in an hour (but you need to be quick to avoid a shower!) Average temperatures are lower than in Poland, but there is no harsh winters … and here they drive “on the left”.

As an ALH carer I get a good salary as well as (optionally) various courses in healthcare, which increase my experience, knowledge and professionalism in the performance of my duties – I have received certificates and I have the peace of mind of knowing that I am doing my job professionally.

I am very grateful to ALH for welcoming me to Ireland and organizing my work as a carer. I appreciate the care that is shown to us carers by ALH.

With all due respect.

Margaret Skowrońska


Zofia Wacnic


…For them, it’s not just business. They genuinely care about the caregiver…

My name is Sophia and I work as a carer with the agency ALH. I am very happy with my work. The Irish are wonderful people. I was helped right from the start in finding a job with ALH by my managers Katarzyna Jakubowska and Tom Quinlan. And right up to today, when I need help they always help me. They are a dedicated team. For them, it’s not just business.
They genuinely care about the caregiver.

The work is legal and working conditions are good. My work is clear and regular and I know my rights and I can even obtain the necessary training courses for this kind of work.

I encourage everyone to work in Ireland, as a carer of the elderly.
Zofia Wacnic


Kinga Łaszniewska


…I have many years experience with seriously ill people in many European countries…

My name is Kinga Łaszniewska. I worked with the ALH in Ireland for some months. I have many years experience with seriously ill people (usually as a Palliative Carer) in many European countries as well as in Africa. I believe that cooperation with Mrs. Katarzyna Jakubowska and Tom Quinian was a real pleasure.

I had closer contact, of course with Ms. Katarzyna. Therefore, I can say that Kasia is a person:

  • Worthy of deep respect and trust.
  • Quickly drawing correct conclusions during stressful situations.
  • Caring for the highest good of both ward and guardian.
  • Empathetic and open.
  • Honest and truthful.
  • Who has a wealth of knowledge in the care profession.

About my own work as a carer in Ireland, the lady I took care of will always remain in my heart. Being a carer is more than a profession for me. It is about helping people and showing empathy and understanding to people who really do need our help. This is far more important than counting any money or material possessions.

Even for people who have little experience in this profession/role can take advantage of the wide range of training organized by ALH.

Very rarely have I had the opportunity to describe my bosses and colleagues in this way – but I can wholeheartedly and with full responsibility say to anyone thinking about co-operating with ALH, you will be safe and treated with respect.

Yours faithfully
Kinga Łaszniewska


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