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Live-in Homecare

Our Service

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Benefits of Our Service

  • Our live-in carer lives with you in your own home. They provide the support you need to make living at home a safe and comfortable option for you. They are on hand for all your day-to-day living needs as well as being there should any additional needs arise unexpectedly. This will give you and your family a great sense of comfort and confidence.
  • Our homecare service is much more affordable than the alternatives (a nursing home or a visiting carer/nurse who charges by the hour). Nursing homes can cost up to 4,000 euro per month and visiting carers charge from 18 euro up to 25 euro per hour. See our costs section for full details.
  • You can claim tax relief on the cost of your ALH live-in carer. Depending on how much tax you pay, this could be up to 40% of the cost of your carer. Any member of your family can be the employer of the carer and the carer can even be jointly employed by more than one family member to maximise the tax benefits.

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