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Live-in Homecare

Q & A

Question: What kinds of questions do you ask in the application form?

Answer: We ask general questions about the elderly person who is in need of care. Our aim is to get as full and as accurate a picture as we can of the elderly person so that we can best match, you our client with the most suitable carer.

Question: How long does it take to get a carer?

Answer: It depends but it can be within 2 weeks.

Question: How many hours a week does the person work?

Answer: Normally they work 35 hours per week. You can make out a timetable for them according to your needs. If you want them to work more than 35 hours per week, then that is entirely up to you.

Question: What about their accommodation, food and bills (heating etc)?

Answer: You provide them with their own single room, food and you pay the household bills such as heating etc. Usually people have a spare room that isn’t in use. Also the additional food costs and bills are generally not very much. For example, you will need to heat your house anyway so the carer won’t add much to your household bills.

Question: How much tax relief can I get?

Answer: This depends on how much tax you pay. You can set the cost of the carer against your tax liability. You will be the employer of the live-in carer. This is a cost that you can reclaim tax on. The more tax you pay, the more tax you can reclaim. Everybody’s tax liabilities are different but if you wish to talk us we can calculate how much you can reclaim in tax. This tax relief applies for claiming tax relief where your relative is incapacitated.

Question: How do you find these carers and where do they come from?

Answer: Most of our carers come from Eastern Europe and we recruit them ourselves. All our carers are interviewed, their references are checked and they have police clearance. They all have relevant carer experience and we provide them with ongoing training and support.

Question: Who pays the carer’s flight to Ireland?

Answer: Normally the client in Ireland pays. They pay this at the end of the first month of the contract.
Normally the carer will fly on a day when the flight cost is low and the cost is normally not more than 100 euro.
Although this is an additional cost to you, you can use it as a valuable reward to your carer if they perform their duties to a high standard.

Question: How about their English?

Answer: All applicants will have sufficient English to communicate with the person they are caring for.

Question: I don’t have room in my house/I don’t want the carer to live in.

Answer: Well, if you can organise accommodation in the neighbourhood for the carer and you pay the cost of that accommodation, then that is a possible solution.

Question: What if the person comes over and they are not suitable?

Answer: We very carefully match the carer with your needs. You will receive a full profile of the carer before you make any decision. You will see their references and their photo. You will have an opportunity to communicate with them before you make your final decision. This ensures a good match between the client and the carer.

Question: Can I use my medical card to pay for your service?

Answer: Sorry, no. But if you have a medical card, you could use this to cover some of your care needs as well as using our service. For example, many of our clients are medical card holders. They do get some free hours of homecare from the HSE and these hours supplement what our live-in carer provides.

Question: How do I go about registering as an employer?

Answer: We will provide you with step-by-step guidelines on the process of registering as an employer. There is a one page form you will need to submit to the Revenue Office in order to claim your tax relief for the cost of employing a live-in carer.

Question: I already have a visiting private carer / we already use a nursing home. We see that your service is more affordable. Can we switch to your service?

Answer: Yes, of course you can switch to our service.

Question: How do we organise time off for the carer?

Answer: Every person’s needs are different. We will discuss your specific needs and together we can work out a schedule that gives you the care levels you need and the carer gets sufficient time off to relax and re-charge.

Any other questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us today on 087 9916791 or 087 7440729. Our phone lines are open 7 days a week. So give us a call right now, if you want.

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