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Live-in Homecare

Special Offer at ALH

35 hours of quality homecare from 355 euro per week!

Our mission is to provide you and your family with the best quality elderly care in Ireland.

Elderly care services can be very expensive but they don’t have to be. Nursing homes can easily cost more than 1,000 euro per week. Visiting carers cost up to 25 euro per hour.

We at ALHomecare are proud to offer 35 hours of quality homecare for as little as 355 euro per week! And if you need more than 35 hours homecare each week, each additional hour will cost you only 10.15 euro.  When you compare this with the 25 euro per hour that visiting care agencies charge, you can easily see the big savings you can make with an ALHomecare carer.

How do we do it? 


Firstly, our carers are live-in. This means that you have someone you can trust in the house at night time. You provide them with accommodation and food but you gain the huge benefit of their presence in your relative’s house outside their normal working hours. And if you need them to work extra hours, you just pay them the agreed overrtime rate.

Remember: You can claim up to 40% tax relief on the cost of your carer. This could substantially reduce the costs of your ALHomecare carer.

The advantages of homecare with ALHomecare:shutterstock_164392304

1. Your relative has a dedicated carer who cares for them and only them. Our carers not only provide personal care but also do all the day to day household chores (cooking, cleaning etc).

2. The carer lives with your relative which means they are there at night in case your relative needs care unexpectedly. This is probably the greatest benefit of live-in care.

3.  Your relative can continue to enjoy living at home from as little as 355 euro per week. You can be glad that you are enabling this to happen and all for a cost that is much less than the alternatives i.e. nursing homes and visiting carers.

A nursing home could cost you/your family 50,000 euro for one year. Visiting carers could cost you 40,000 euro (or much more) for one year. Our live-in carers typically cost less than 20,000 euro per year (including some overtime)…and that’s the cost before you claim up to 40% tax relief.

Important: All our carers are carefully vetted by us to ensure that they have the right skills and experience to meet your relative’s needs. We check their references and qualifications and all our carers undergo a police check.

Our quality guarantee: If during the first 6 weeks of the placement you are not happy with the quality of the carer’s work, we will refund your placement fee or give you a replacement carer.

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