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Our satisfied customers tell their stories:

Jean’s mother in Co. Cork needed a carer because her dementia made it impossible for her to live alone anymore:



Carer: Danuta Nowak

We had a crisis last June when mum had a fall and ended up in hospital. It became evident at that point that mum was no longer capable of living on her own. Unfortunately as none of the family lived nearby we had thought we had no other option except to look for a suitable nursing home.

My sister came across ALH while doing some research. I didn’t think it was an option for us given mum has dementia. I have been proved wrong. The carer that was paired with mum is a God-send. While mum still resents having someone in the house, she has benefitted from having someone there especially at night time when mum tends to get anxious. It’s a vicious circle: when she gets anxious she doesn’t sleep well and then the dementia is worse. I’ve seen a marked improvement in her overall. This option has enabled mum to continue living in her own home for longer than we thought possible. Every month that mum gets to stay in her own home is a bonus and huge peace of mind for all the family. Mum’s carer is extremely kind and we are impressed by the way she handles mum especially when she has a bad episode. She seems well able to deal with this kind of situation.

Mum’s carer is now with her 3 months, which is 3 months I didn’t think she’d spend at home. I’d highly recommend this service to families seeking an alternative to a nursing home.

Kevin who is blind needed a carer to live with him at his home in Co. Limerick:


Carer: Blanka Dela

Four years ago, my son Kevin (aged 52 years) had a severe epileptic seizure. Kevin’s doctor recommended that he should not be alone in his house at night anymore. As a family we tried for many years to find a competent caring agency to look after Kevin’s needs at night time. We found that agencies were charging us enormous fees for providing a night time service. We saw a newspaper ad about ALH and we filled in their application form. We were matched with a lady who more than meets our needs. She is an excellent carer and is helpful in every way. Kevin’s life has been transformed and we found ALH staff most helpful and they even arranged holiday cover when our carer went on holidays for two weeks.


The Conway family in Limerick needed a carer for their mother with Alzheimer’s and their brother with Down’s syndrome.



Carer: Ewa Babiaczyk

Our family are delighted with our carer from Poland who came to us through ALHomecare. Our mother has Alzheimer’s and lives with our brother who has Down’s syndrome. Things became difficult when our mam was getting up a lot during the night and becoming confused.
Ewa is such a caring, compassionate and professional person who has become a part of the family.
I would have no hesitation in recommending ALHomecare to other families as it has worked out very well for us.


The O’Driscoll family in Dublin & Cork needed a carer for their mother in County Cork.



Carer: Teresa Tirpitz

From the very first phone call, ALHomecare conveyed a genuine desire to find a solution that was best for us. The ALH style was professional yet warm as they worked with us to identify our care needs and to find a suitable carer. They moved quickly but we never felt rushed and they demonstrated a remarkable knowledge of the personal qualities of the carers that they proposed. We were fortunate to get a carer that quickly became a family friend. Teresa cared for our mother with all the kindness and gentleness of a family member.
Teresa was always attentive, good humoured, patient and hard working and placed my mother’s comfort and happiness at the top of her priority list. Teresa cared for my mother as if she was her own mother.

The Cassin family in Co. Dublin needed a carer for their elderly father:



Carer: Katarzyna Jakubowska

We availed of ALHomecare to find a full time carer for our father. We have found them to be very professional. They are prompt and attentive, and above all friendly, in all their dealings with our family. They obviously put a lot of effort into finding an appropriate carer for our father, one that matched his personality. Both our father and the family are very happy with how things have worked out and we would have no hesitation in recommending this company to others.


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