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A useful homecare device for dementia and Alzheimer’s care

One concern that relatives of a person with dementia or alzheimer’s often have is the risk of their relative wandering off unnoticed. ALHomecare has recently been contacted by a company that supplies personal tracking devices and we thought it was worth bring their service to your attention.

GPS2Find.com (Ltd) is a Louth based supplier of GPS tracking and alerting devices. Such devices (which are very discreet) can be very useful if you have an elderly relative that you are concerned may get lost or wander off due to conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease.

These trackers are about the size of a box of matches, with a 7 day rechargeable battery and a phone modem that continuously sends out the device’s co-ordinates at regular intervals when moving, and sleeps when not moving. These co-ordinates form a trail on a virtual map on any internet device.  If the wearer of the device wanders off, the device sends an alert to a family member.

The devices come with a SIM fitted, and work on the PAYG (PayAsYouGo) principle, so customers buy credits when they need to, instead of a monthly fee. Customers are in control themselves so there is no need for a monitoring centre.  The company gives free training online to each new customer, as well as ongoing phone support. The devices are easy to manage and potentially can be of great benefit . You can visit the company’s website at www.gps2find.com or call them 042 942 0560.

Important note: ALHomecare is merely providing you with this information and it is at your discretion and your responsibility to evaluate this service for its suitability for your specific situation. If you have any questions about this tracking service, please contact the company directly on their contact details above.

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