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Live-in Homecare

Making The Right Choice

Making the right choice is very important as the health and well-being of you or your relative is paramount. Affordable Live-in Homecare carers are there for you and only you. They are not tied to some organisation’s schedule. They are not compelled to go from client to client or house to house like staff in a nursing home or visiting carers do. They are there for you.

When you compare the costs of nursing homes, visiting carers / care assistants and ALH live-in carers, you will see that there is a massive cost saving too.

Nursing homes cost up to 4,000 euro per month: Nursing homes are large organisations with considerable costs and overheads. When you live at home and avail of a live-in carer you can avoid a lot of unnecessary costs that only arise when you stay in a nursing home.  For example, when you are stay at home, you already have comfortable accommodation and you will most probably have a spare room for your live-in carer to stay in.

Visiting carers / care assistants cost 18 to 24 euro per hour: This is expensive because the private organisation makes money from every hour that the carer cares for you. A large portion of the 18 to 25 euro per hour goes to this private organisation.

ALH Live-in Carer costs from 460 euro per week for 35 hours work. That’s just 13.14 euro per hour. An ALH live-in carer costs about half the cost of a visiting carer. This is because a) you pay the ALH live-in carer directly yourself and b) you provide free accommodation and food to the carer. Normally people have an empty spare room in their house and the cost of food for one more person is usually a small additional cost. Therefore the cost to you of providing a room and food is very small.

Please see our Costs section for details of Tax Relief on this cost.

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