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Live-in Homecare

You Have Options

You have options. You want the best for yourself and/or your relative. The decision you will make about elderly care is very important and needs to be given careful thought and consideration.

We want you to make the best choice for you/your relative.

Your options (aside from a relative caring for the elderly person) are nursing homes, visiting carers/care assistants and a live-in carer.

Nursing homes:

Traditionally, when the immediate family are no longer in a position to provide the care the elderly person needs, the elderly person moves into a nursing home. There a number of important factors to be taken into consideration with the nursing home option:

  1. Nursing home care means that the elderly person has to leave their family and their home. They move to a new environment away from what may have been their home for many, many years. This can lead to the elderly person experiencing a sense of loss of connection with their family, home and community. This can be a very stressful and emotional experience not only for the elderly person but for the whole family.
  2. Nursing home care means that the elderly person will normally have to share their bedroom with other elderly people. This will mean a certain amount of their privacy is lost. The elderly person will also need to adjust to the routines, food etc that the nursing home provides.
  3. Nursing homes are very expensive. Nursing home care can cost between 3,500 and 4,000 euro per month.  Although tax relief is allowed on the cost of nursing home care, it is only up to a maximum of 20% of that cost.

Visiting carer / care assistants:

This is a less expensive alternative to nursing home care. Visiting carer or care assistants are provided by both public (i.e. HSE) and private organisations.

Publicly funded visiting carers / care assistants:

If you have a medical card or are otherwise means-tested to be eligible for publicly funded visiting care, then you may receive between 1 or 2 hours of home care per day and usually not more than 5 days per week. In most instances, this level of home care is insufficient and falls well short of comprehensive home care.

Private visiting carers / care assistants:

To make up for the shortfall in publicly funded services, private organisations provide visiting carers / care assistants. These private organisations employ carers who they then schedule to visit many elderly people in a specific area each week. The client (i.e. the elderly person or their family) pays the private organisation an hourly fee of between 18 and 25 euro per hour and the private organisation in turn pays the carer a salary. This is a very very expensive option if you need more than just a few hours of home care per week.

An ALH Live-in Carer

Our service is different from the above two options (i.e. nursing homes and visiting carers / care assistants). We believe that our service is also better than the above two options.

With our service, the elderly person can remain at home (unlike the nursing home option) and gets the dedicated one-to-one care that neither nursing home nor visiting carer / care assistants can provide.

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